HotmixPRO Easy - Standard Värmemixer

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16 500 kr

Hotmix Pro manufactures a range of commercial thermal mixers for professional cooking environments. The Hotmixpro is an innovative food processor with special blades, designed to operate both as a mixer for blending liquids, and as a cutter that will chop up any solid ingredient. These capabilities are complemented by a heating system that can be used to warm or cook any kind of food at temperatures between 25 and 130°C, while mixing simultaneously at variable speed. Hotmix Pro will save you time and money in food preparation whilst taking your creativity to new heights. We supply Hotmix Pro to restaurants, hotels, motels, commercial kitchens, cafes, nursing homes, hospitals and so on.

  • Dimension: B: 265 x D: 315 x H: 305mm
  • Kapacitet: 2 liter
  • Exakt termostat (+25ºC to +130ºC)
  • Programmerbar med digital display och självdiagnostik
  • Kraftfull motor på hela 1200 W
  • Max hastighet: 10,000 varv/minut
  • Turbomix-funktion för att snabbt sönderdela råvaror