Vakuummaskin Orved Bright 30

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223 000 kr

Vacuum chamber machine, completely made of stainless steel, equipped with a smart vacuum sensor and the innovative Chef Programs technology for a perfect vacuum of any food and non food product.

Digital control panel, waterproof, with 32 programs, including exclusive preset programs by professional Chefs, de-aeration programs (Degas) and vacuum programs for internal or external containers. The H2Out pump dehumidification cycle guarantee a perfect maintenace of the 106 mc/h vacuum pump. It is equipped with two wireless sealing bars, length 630 mm each. Gas flush system included to pack delicate or soft products in modified atmosphere (MAP). Exclusive soft-air function, for the packaging of sharp products (e.g. meat with bone).

Mått: 1141 x 889 x 1069h mm

Kammarmått: 680 x 1027 x 231h mm

Vikt: 298kg