Orved SVThermo Vattenugn 27liter Sous Vide

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Detta sousvide bad har 3 temperaturzoner och går att programera. Det har möjlighet att koppla in kallt vatten ifall man vill kyla ner födoämnet efter avslutat program. Exempelvis vid mjukglasstillverkning med sousvide.

"Take on commitments, your Svthermo will cook for you!"

Svthermo is the only thermostatic bath on the market, that has a temperature sensor present in the tub and 3 special high precision probes for temperature control directly in the heart of the product.
Completely made of Stainless Steel, it is ideal for coking under vacuum at low temperature. Thanks to its reduced size and practical handles, combined with the catering cooking operation, will allow you to always cook under vacuum in any room. When working, the Svthermo does not generate unpleasant smell or smoke: no need to place it under an exhausting or re-circulating hood.

Bodywork: stainless steel 

Size: 427x700x380h mm 

Capacity: 27 lt.
Weight: 23 kg

Power grid voltage: 230V 50Hz 

Max power absorption: 1600 W